Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Jan 29

Media: John Kelly writes about how increased media on and in our sport has changed some events, and offers up Laz’s take on cameras at Barkley.

Is speedgolf still a thing? If so, we have a new champion.

Comrades’ first female winner Betty Cavanagh passed away this week. She won the storied race in 1975, the first year women and all ethnicities were allowed to run and by all account was an amazing woman who made a huge impact on her region, women’s athletics in general and the sport of ultramarathons in particular. The article mentions that she ran unofficially prior to ’75…anyone have more on that? Is there a story there? Thanks.

Hardrock? Nope, that’s the Republic of Artsakh.

Badwater RD Christ Kostman has a new stage race that borders Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Iran. I’d be a bit reluctant to travel to that region right now, but damn, look at those mountains!

Trailrunner/Roche: There are rest days, then there are the opposite of rest days. Ready for some midweek pain?

Guardian: World Athletics may or may not be getting closer to banning something. No citations or sources mentioned, so take it with a coupla SaltStick tabs.

Eighty miles into a race and you come up to an aid station, hungry, desperate, and bleary eyed. Then a volunteer asks if you’d like a corgi-butt-shaped pastry that’s filled with jelly or custard and suddenly, you smile, let out a little laugh, and trot on down the trail.

TrailSisters: Dealing with and running with chronic pain is a…pain. I’ll get a little back pain every few months that lasts a few days and I think my life is over. I can’t imagine what it must be like to have persistent, chronic pain like that.

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