Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Jan 31

What happens when your 50k turns into a 50 mile ultramarathon because of a wrong turn? Chris and recent URP guest Kyle find out.

Robbie digs into icing and inflammation. Do we really need to do the former to prevent the latter?

Beet juice and beer aren’t just for recovery anymore.

I got into free diving and breath holding when living in France in my early 20s. My friend and I were obsessed with Le Grand Bleu and we dreamed of diving in Dean’s Blue Hole much like trail runners dream of Barkley. Here’s a great article on breath holding and free diving that, to me, has a lot of similarities to ultramarathon training and racing.

Kelly Wolf
Kelly Wolf

Interested to know what Rob Krar’s, Amelia Boone’s, Alex Honnold’s, and Adrian Ballinger’s guts look like? Now’s your chance. If you’re interested in learning more about that, listen to the recent Kyle Pietari interview to learn where science is going with fecal transplants.

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“F*cking dammit to all hell. My legs are being a$#holes and my stomach feels like s%it” is now a race strategy. Swearing at your pacer and crew still not recommended.

Collection of iRunFar articles on running-related injuries and recovery.

The Iditarod (dog race, not running race) is at risk of collapse because of problems between the Board, the volunteers, sponsors, PED use, and athletes. Let’s use this as an example of what we don’t want in our sport.

I’d never heard of “float recovery days”, but they make sense. David Roche explains it all right this way.

British dude runs a trail race in the Alps and then decides to run 170k to the airport to catch his flight. Cops thought he was some drunk guy running on the highway so they picked him up and fined him five bucks.

What’s the difference between muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Everything you need to know.

I’m chatting with Natalie Larson today for an upcoming episode. From joining a convent to running naked 5ks, her 1200 mile OKT to her intense job with the DoD, we’ll have a lot to talk about! Stay tuned.

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