Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Jan 4

Wait, DB Cooper was a trail runner?  Great writing by Jared Beasley about one of the country’s biggest mysteries.

Run Spirited: Top 20 most inspirational MUT runners of 2022.

And Kevin Beck’s bookmarkable moments from last year.

I don’t know these areas well at all (NY and Mass), but any rail to trail system that’s 46 miles long is pretty awesome. Nice work to the various volunteers and agencies who made this possible.

Cool video about the Beav 50k that shows a pretty accurate representation of a standard trail ultra in North America: Nice trails, friendly volunteers, an old dude who’s run 100+ ultras, mud, a couple wrong turns, random dogs, and ultimately a fun time despite missing his goal.

Speaking of 50k, what’s with that distance, anyways? It’s just a few miles more than a marathon, but seems to be a real gateway distance for MUT runners. History of the race distance right here.

Want to train for your first 50k? Check out Zach Bitter’s training plan and tips right here.

CBS: US Circuit Court of Appeals in Florida’s recent decision regarding bathrooms hints at upcoming decision on transgender athletes and sports. And good lord, let’s not let this be the answer.

My hot take on UTMB buying Grindstone (or any race for that matter) is that it’s bad for the sport if you like small, grassroots races with friends. If you like big, corporate events with little intimacy or personal touch but with incredible media coverage, this’ll be great.  True, both can exist, but Ironman has a tendency of buying up and shutting down races that compete with their events.

AJW’s predictions for the 2023 world MUT scene. Wish “more independent media and opinions” was on that list.  From what I can tell, people are tired of the narrative and want some more independent, common sense media options for our market.

Want to see the Alps while running with new friends and Billy Yang? Whatchya doing next August?

Speaking of Billy, check out his latest video of his race at Javelina 100k.

Did you know Yiannis Kouros put out an album of traditional Greek folk music (with a running subtheme?) in 1979? I’ve found copies on vinyl but can’t find anyplace to hear it. Anyone??

Looks like Camille Herron (the World’s Best Ultrarunner) is getting a new title sponsor. Any guesses?

Embracing the silliness of trail races.

I just passed five years of no alcohol.  Here’s my story after the first year.

Candice Burt is on day 60 of her world-record-setting streak.

Cardiologist saves two peoples lives during half marathon and is reunited with them on the Today Show.

Athletics Weekly: The secrets of Kiilian Jornet’s success.

iRunFar writes about my #1 bucket list race, Mt. Marathon. Not sure how they published an article about the race without including this fascinating story from 2012 though.  And FWIW, this is my favorite film about the storied race.

World’s Toughest Mudder 100 Miler: A regular hundred, but with all sorts of sh(t to make it way worse. Cool film!

Outside/Meltzer: The most inspiring running and multisport stories from 2022.

SCMP/Agnew: Officials in Hong Kong finally drop most Covid restrictions on trail races, though leave some like mask wearing for non-runners.

Compelling story about a few runners who cheated at Comrades. Go into it with an open mind.

Weather-wise, Northern California is taking it pretty hard this week. Looks like a major storm will dump on us today and most likely knock out power. I’ll be either on the muddy trails or on the water, hooting and hollering the whole way. Stay safe out there and big thanks to all the first responders and utility folks working hard to keep everything moving in the right direction.

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