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OK, so what were the top three most competitive ultramarathon events in the US last year for men and women?  I’ll give you the first: Western States for both sexes.  The rest are right this way.

I whiffed my UROY ballot but am determined to better choosing the FKTOY.  There are some incredible adventures to consider 2016, so how does one compare a 6 hour Mt Whitney car-to-car with Meghan Hicks’ Nolan’s 14, with Sue Johnston’s amazing “4000ers calendar grid” that took her the entire year to finish? Ack!

Ever wondered what some of the beer lingo actually meant? Here are 20 words you need to know.

Interview with professional adventurer who never really addresses the question of how to afford this. That’s always one of the first questions I have with these people.

Read it: Need a little smack-you-in-the-ass motivation? Here: Your life sucks and it’s probably your fault. Now do something about it.

The Shadow of the Giants 50k sponsored a few episodes last year and a bunch of you signed up for the race. For those who didn’t, here’s what a 50k next to Yosemite National Park looks like. Beautiful!

Or how about something even more exotic? There’s a race in Madagascar that I’d love to run, but I’ve promised to keep “work trips” to less than a week.  Video right this way.

Check out Mike Wardian’s race schedule for 2017.  It’s looks like everyone I know put their big race on one calendar.  

What are your goals for this year? Bryon writes about how he determines, sets, and carries through with his.

The most effective fitness tracker? A good, tough friend.

Sometimes it’s all ya got: Nine treadmill workouts to get you through the winter.  (Sits well with one of my goals for ’17: Stop yelling at kids from the garage that “I’m on the treadmill, will someone just bring me some foooood??!?!?”)

Although I’m not an adherent to the “hope” theory of life, this is a moving story about how an enjoyable trail run can change drastically into a fight for life.

Good interview with road ultramarathon stud Traci Falbo.  I’d never seen that “before” picture of her! Wow!  We chatted with her two years ago right here.

SEEN THIS YET?  One of the coolest sites in awhile.  Virtually stand atop any peak and find all the peaks around you.

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