Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Jan 9

Walt gets some media love at the start of his half hundred hundreds quest.

Decreased energy, strange lumps on the body, soreness. Tim pushed off going to the doc for a long time, but eventually discovered he had pericarditis. He’s healthy, but his race plans for 2019 are in disarray. Here’s more.

I like the idea of this piece by David Roche, but have one issue, and it’s of the semantic variety. Let’s not change “elite” to mean people who try really hard and put in the time. Elite should still means the objective top runners.

While the West Coast has more races and more agreeable weather, one thing we’ll never have is David Horton or his funky measuring system.

Natasha Hastings isn’t just posting on social media about helping the next generation of girls, she’s putting her passion into action.  She touched on it a bit, but I’ll emphasize it more: An attainable, approachable sports role model does wonders for kids, it doesn’t take a lot of work, and it has a tremendous impact. Boys have a variety to choose from, but the picking for girls are still slim. Kudos Natasha!

This Dubai Desert Ultramarathon does sound like a neat race, but the editing in the article…twelve years ago there were only 60 ultramarathons?

In between bouts of puking, Luke bangs out his report from his recent Nolan’s 14 adventure.

Proud coaching moment yesterday: Kids were pissed off I cancelled practice due to rain.

I’ll admit to being a bit surprised by the #9 pick for UROY. Though I’m familiar with Mario’s results from last year, I hadn’t been watching Katie Schide’s. She’s tearing it up!

Kevin lays out some good do’s and don’ts for masters runners.

Here’s Part IV of this excellent series in TrailSisters about planning your adventure run.

Short news day. Always feel free to drop me a line with interesting links!

New episode dropping today. Stay tuned.

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