Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, July 12

The loneliness of the injured runner. We’ve all been there.

Most of us share the same approach and issues when it comes to ultramarathons: Training, preparation, gear, GI issues, course markings, etc.  So let’s hear it from a different perspective: Kyle Robidoux is getting ready for his first hundred miler this weekend at Vermont and is experiencing the same issues but with one added obstacle. Kyle is blind and competing in the Athletes with Disabilities division where he’ll be running with a trail guide.  Great interview with a good guy who’s got a positive message.

ultramarathonThat interview was sponsored by the Butte Meadows Trail-A-Thon. Held in October in Northern CA the race has a few different distances and is run in the spectacular Lassen National Forest.  Use URPBMT at checkout.

Another excellent piece of writing by Dakota Jones. This time, about Rickey Gates’ #transamericana run. Read it here and be sure to listen to our interview with Rickey here.

Speaking of running across counties, be sure to check out the Angry Jogger’s account of his trans-UK jaunt here. Now sober, he writes about the myriad ways he acted like an alcoholic on his run.

I’m not sure I could find Kyrgyzstan on a map, but this new trail looks pretty sweet. Anyone ever done any running or trekking there?

Harvey Lewis ran 144 miles in one day for the World 24 Hour Championships in Ireland, then 8 days later ran Badwater and finished 3rd overall. Pretty incredible.

Airline won’t let guy fly with his beer so he checks it into baggage. 

So trail umbrellas don’t sound like such a good idea, but either are umbrella-sharing startups.

Short news day today folks. Gotta hit the road.

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