Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, July 15

Where’s the line? Medical vans popping up at endurance events with IV drips ready for tired athletes.  I’ve never seen one at an MUT event though…have you?

This person hates cairns. 

You know what hurts? Doing a one hour, 18% treadmill workout while watching Schlarb and Wolf explore the incredible South Island of New Zealand.  Cool movie (with Frosty and Vajin Armstrong) that’s worth the $7. I certainly hope NZ helped foot the bill for the production, because I desperately want to go there now.

Speaking of treadmills, maybe I outta make one of these.

Convenience and environmental issues aside, do you prefer cans or bottles for your beer?  Here’s a blind test by some real beer geeks.

Interested in what it takes to tackle a 175 mile unsupported push around Lake Tahoe. Here’s Mike (and Sean’s) report on how they each did it.

Did you hear the new podcast with Johan Steene? Some ultra guys are classified as 48 hour machines who love the track and prefer running in circles.  Yes, Johan does that, but he also considers Barkley a “cozy” run, and endured such painful chafing on day one of Vol State that he passed out.  Fun conversation!

NUC whatsoever, but I love me some cabin porn.  My eyes wander off the picture and fill in the places where trailheads must lead to vase expanses of wilderness.

Here’s what Foote ate the night before Hardrock.

Meet Mira Rai, a Nepaese trailrunning champ.

Want 15% off of The North Face Endurance Challenge in Park City? Use URP15 at the check out.

Roes ponders why and how records fall. If there wasn’t an audacious goal to beat, would we be able to run that fast?

RunningUSA’s study is weak.  No mention of ultramarathon distances?

A pub to pub run in Mammoth Lakes sounds like an excellent way to spend a day.

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