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As the trail and ultramarathon scene in China grows, organizers are worried about how prize money will effect the ethos of the sport. Will it increase doping and other forms of cheating? Nikki Kimball and Mike Wardian weigh in.  Personally, I don’t think increased prize money will have an effect. There’s already prize money in sports and has been for years (sponsored athletes receive win bonuses for prestige events) and we haven’t seen an uptick in cheating. Cheaters are going to cheat whether or not there’s money involved.

“Your body is so tired that it almost stops caring about being hungry, thirsty, or wanting to win. When the mountain breaks you down, you get to see a real reflection of who you are and are left with the choice to give up or to push to new boundaries.”

Though I like Sabrina’s debut article for IRF, I certainly hope she keeps up her own blog.

Sub 14 for 100, sub 4 in the mile, under three hours for the marathon, quicker than 2:15 in the marathon…why are runners so obsessed with arbitrary time barriers?

Awards at the Vermont 100 go 10 deep for the men and 5 deep for the women. Naturally, the internet explodes. Here’s the explanation from RD Amy Rusiecki, which, though it makes statistical sense, needs to change. (And here’s our interview with Amy from a while ago.)

Why is there no female equivalent for the Tour de France?

We’re heading to BC in a few weeks and this list of high alpine trails certainly has my attention. Any other routes closer to Vancouver and/or Squamish?

Check out this video of Mt. Marathon from Derrick Lytle/Altra. OK, how badly do you want to run this race?

Did you catch the URP Daily News Briefing podcast yesterday? I went a bit deeper into Vol State and tieing at races, science’s obsession with Honnold’s amygdala, and I post a question about race deferrals. Here’s the show. Thanks for the support everyone.

100ks are tough enough to run. Add torrential downpours and they can be miserable. Now try doing one in traditional raramuri attire and sandals.

The University of Denver is pretty proud of their famous (in our world) alumnus.

As Hayden races, his wife finds plenty of trail time for herself. Glad I found this blog…looks like a neat perspective to follow.

Max King’s Trail Running Camp really does look awesome. Focusing on things like stewardship and route finding along with actual trail running for youth is helping ferry this sport into the next generation. (NFI)

I tweeted yesterday that, while I believe that success in running is largely mental, I can’t convince myself to swim for more than twenty minutes without thinking I’m dying.  If you can get past that barrier, here are some swim workouts that’ll help your running.

Add this multi-environment tent to my wish list, please.

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