Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, July 19

You don’t have to wear a bib every weekend to be a stud ultramarathon runner. Here’s a great interview with FKT addict Ben Nephew.

Whoa, check out these ridiculously vascular legs from a Tour de France rider. Extra points for the epic compression gear tan.

Post-Hardrock interview with one of the coolest guys in the sport: Mike Foote.

Folks who like an 8mm drop trail running shoe that can do it all will be hard-pressed to find a better trail running shoe on the market these days when combining the comfort, ride, protection, and grip at a solid value.

Ben’s latest review of the Salomon Sense Ride.

I’m going to take his advice and add this 50k in Iceland to my bucket list. Looks outstanding!  (And yeah, I could see how the 23 hours of sunlight could wreak havoc on your sleep before the race…)

I’m also adding this Swimrun event in Norway to my list. How rad doest that look?!?  The last sentence in the first graf makes me particularly excited.

Thirty five minutes of Hardrock footage from Jamil Coury. Gives a great perspective of the race and trail.

And here’s mid packer Garret’s report from the San Juan’s with a grading sheet at the end. I wonder how many other people passed on the Hardrock buckle. Anyone know?

I’m not sure where this author lives, but the local running clubs are doing a lousy job of representing themselves.

One easy trick to train more effectively: Stop comparing yourself to others.

My rest day on Saturday was spent watching Sunny fish. (Skunked!)

What went on during the Golden Hour at Hardrock.

Interesting read: An Eastern/Western Medicine look at the athlete’s heart and what we can do both emotionally and physically to keep it healthy.

Michael’s report from his Badwater DNF. Training and prep were on point, but with an injured groin, it all ended pretty quickly not too far from the finish line.

I don’t like pool running and am not too fond of Spinning. Maybe I’d like them both combined? Anyone tried this?

Big congrats to Chris and Alicia Vargo. Skylar Mae was born yesterday at a “tiny and healthy” 4lbs 4oz. Welcome to the club and welcome to the world Skylar!

Stay tuned for Kyle Robidoux’s post-Vermont 100 episode being released today.

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