Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, July 20

Ultramarathon and Trail News

Here’s DeNucci’s report from Western: He finished 20th in his Western debut last year, this year a top ten. Nice!

Check out my review of the Brooks Mazama on the REI blog.  If you’re looking for a fast, light, low, and nimble shoe for trail races ranging from 5-50 miles, you’ll like this.

–>>Ian’s doing some great reporting on the UTMB doping debacle. Check it out here.

Meanwhile, porn star former WADA Prez Dick Pound hints that major sponsors may boycott Olympic games if Russia isn’t excluded.

…and also, court orders marathon doper to repay $500k in winnings. Will Russia help enforce the decision?

As if the race vs run debate and PEDs in ultrarunning wasn’t enough, maybe it’s time to discuss whether Pokemon Go is the future of running.  (No thanks.)

Maybe we should just get together and talk about it?  I’ll be at the Bohemian Biergarten in Boulder, CO on Sat Aug 6 to listen to Matt Flaherty play some cool songs. Beer, schnitzel, music, ultra banter. What more do you want?

List-o-rama! Ten best treks/trails in the world.

This 3000km mile trail in New Zealand looks pretty awesome.


No ultramarathon content: Hey Uncle Rico, get the hell outside and make some new memories.

This triathlete won’t be breeding anytime soon. Ouch!

I know Pete Kostelnick won Badwater (with a new CR), but I can’t find it anywhere on the site. What am I doing wrong?

When the headline is soooo much better than the actual story.

There’s not a lot of money in trail and ultramarathon running, but there’s something.  Here’s another example of why we’re possible seeing an influx of fast dudes from the track.

Here’s a good article on Gary/Laz and his “journey runs”, his namesake, and what’s next.

Jill’s story and pics from crewing Hardrock, as well as her adaptation to life with less oxygen.

The TAUR guys review the Nike Kiger vest.  We’re also reviewing a new vest (not from Nike) that’s one size, but promises to fit skinny guys and busty gals alike. Stay tuned for the results…

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