Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, July 21Y

James’ race report from Vol State, full of British witticisms and commentaries about this ridiculous sport of ours.

Check out Richard’s RASH: He is doing a full circumnavigation AND ascent of 4 major volcanoes, all within a week. He just finished his trek up and down Rainier, and is now going to start the Wonderland Circumnavigation. He’ll then take on Adams, St. Helens, and finish with Mt. Hood.

Interesting commentary and change in the Tour de France “unwritten” rules prompted by increased media coverage.  What “unwritten rules” do we have in MUT, if any?

“When asked why he is doing such a crazy thing, he said “When I heard about this race I didn’t think much of it, but being told that no one from Lardinia had done it before I thought ‘wooaahh, low-hanging kudos!’ If I can add ‘first Lardinian to do yada yada’ to my Twitter handle I’d cream in at least 30,000 more followers, and then companies will be beating down my door to get me to hashtag the buggery out of their socks.”

–Runner aims for first historic ultramarathon challenge.  (Your Thursday’s Funny submission.)

Science-y article on fat adaptation.

Looming questions going into Rio, especially with Dibaba still entered in the 1500.

I sent in my official withdrawal for Tahoe200.  Life balance is getting a bit out of whack, and combined with the impossibility of me being anywhere near ready for that race prompts the DNS.  Focusing my efforts on Himalayan 100 this year.

Interesting article in Outside about what it takes to “make” a National Park.

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