Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, July 22

When ultramarathons and parenting collide. Great article about how to balance and benefit both.

Timmy ran two tough 50ks in two days, one of them involved chasing Sage up a mountain, and one involved a tough wrong turn.


If you’ve supported URP in the past 7 weeks and have been looking for a way to combine your love for zombies and running, here’s the new contest. Ends at noon today.  Thanks for all of your help.

If you’re in the backcountry and you’ve just GOT to charge your device, here’s an option: A mini hydropower kit.

Ouch. Now that’s a workout.

So the steroid issue isn’t going to die anytime soon. Take 30 seconds and fill out this survey about global PED use in ultras will ya?

Interesting data and statistics re: public lands/parks visitation and usage.  Most visited park in the west surprised me.

Nickademus gets some ESPN love.

The best strength exercises for runners.  An extra few minutes can stave off injury…sounds like a good deal.

And here are three running form tips to make you faster.

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