Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, July 26

Be sure to check out our latest epoisode: A conversation with Kaytlyn Gerbin. She ran her first ultramarathon three years ago (slow!) and last month finished F4 at Western. What’s her training like, how does she manage life, and wait, she was who for Halloween???

According to Wired Magazine, you need to spend $702 on gear to hit the trails–and that doesn’t include shoes, shorts, or GPS.  (For comparison, I generally run in swim trunks, running shoes, and don’t own a watch.)

Speaking of shoes, here’s Ben’s review of the new Inov-8 Trailroc 270.

Traveling to Namibia soon? Jean has got a mini-runners guide for you right here.

ultramarathonThat episode with Kaytlyn was sponsored by Territory Run Company. Their latest shirt is a great looking (and super soft!) tee that you can wear to the brewery, but performs better than the plastic “tech” shirts we’re familiar with. Besides that, it’s responsibly sourced using recycled coffee grounds. Awesome!

Excellent essay by Kara Goucher about “finding her way back home” to enjoying running on her terms.

Yesterday was Koop’s advice on power hiking hills, today we have David Roche’s thoughts

From the “Misleading Headline File”: Millenials prefer fancy drinks to over beer.  No, Millenials prefer fancy drinks and craft brews to crappy domestic beers. 

Funny and true: Got a pitch yesterday from someone manufacturing 24k gold body rollers. Because that’s what we need.

I’ve spoken to numerous PCT hikers this year who describe the water crossings as far more dangerous than they expected. This hiker met her final fate.

Are you based in the UK and looking for a rad job dealing with Patagonia adventure travel? Lookie.

Wow, URP just hit 23k Twitter followers! You on board?

Read this: One of the more critical traits to running success: Welcoming (and managing) discomfort.

In a deft move to outdo Coors, an Arizona brewery will start using recycled sewage water in their brewing process.

I’m assuming that these guidelines for managing fatigue in a training block translate to ultramarathon-distance events as well. Right?

“Alright Russia, because of your widespread and proven doping program, all of your athletes are banned from international competition. Well, fine, you can send some to race next month, but we’re not going to play the national anthem. (That’ll show ’em!)”

Jade reviews Sarah’s Trail Runner’s Companion and recommends it for runners across the experience spectrum. I’ll be giving away a few copies today on Patreon. See you there!

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