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In some past years, I’ve been less than enthusiastic about the depth of the teams we send to the IAU Trail Running Championships overseas.  This year is different.  Check out this quality lineup.

Be sure to check out Cory’s report from Badwater right here.

Announced yesterday on twitter: Jim Walmsley signs with HOKA.  That’s a pretty stout team!

More on Rule 40 bulls@#i from Oiselle.

Sorry about the lack of podcasts last week and now. I’m recording today and will release either today or tomorrow.

Bizarre ways runners have treated their injuries. Number eight certainly sounds interesting.

I’m admittedly awful with Canadian geography.  Is there a race/run that goes through Kootenay National Park. If so, sign me up.

Should you do “fasting” or bonk runs? Do they actually help out? Coach David is on the case.

Yassine and Scott set the FKT for the Oregon portion of the PCT. Nice work!

…but there’s also this way to traverse Oregon.  And it looks like one hell of a good time.

Site news: For the next few days, I’ll have two different guest editors compiling and posting the Daily News.  I’ll be in Mammoth on vacation, and I hope they can provide a different perspective for the Daily News. Enjoy.

Ian digs deeper into the Gonzalo Calisto dope fest.

Speaking of doping, here are the results of Ultra16’s doping poll. Has the PED use in non-pro ultramarathons gone up or down?

On the heels of Gary’s excellent trail safety post from last week, the Trail Sisters offer some excellent advice.  Be sure to check out the finger pic that’s apparently too graphic for our sensitive little eyes.

Fourteen excellent tips for lightening your backpack or fastpack load.

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