Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, July 6

Hardrock preview, courtesy of iRunFar. Such an incredible field! Francois! Kilian! Sabrina! Courtney! Dakota! Bronco Billy! Darcy!  Let’s hope everyone makes it to the startline.

Regardless of what’s going on up front, I know one person I’ll be cheering for.

My favorite races of the year took place on Monday with two of my favorite runners winning! Max King won the mens division (for the 2nd time), and Allie Mclaughlin broke Emilie Forsberg’s CR for the women’s division. Unfortunately the local news station no longer delivers full time coverage of the race. 🙁

Can anyone explain this in more detail? Seems to be XC style scoring (right?) on a 48k XC course (kinda?) World Athletics is behind it, so it seems legit…why isn’t this a bigger thing???

Outside/Leonard: Are you really an ultrarunner if you’ve got all your toenails? Remember the URP Black Toenail Hall of Fame?

Scotty Kummer wrote about Western States media coverage right here. More emphasis on the mid/back pack, or should the focus stay on the elites?

Road and track runner Elish McColgan is sick of people commenting on her physique. Fair points.

Speaking of bodies and women…Can we give a special shoutout to race shirt designers who do not put the info for the event right across the chest? I like checking out shirts and feel awfully pervy when I’ve got to stare at a woman’s chest to get the info.

Itching for a hundred miler later this month in a beautiful part of the country? The Elkhorn 100 covers the migration route of local elk in Wyoming and has minimal support. Sounds incredible. Use coupon code URP for 1/2 off registration–that’s only $100 for this race!  (All proceeds go to local XC scholarships.)

Alek Simpson told me about this trail in Tahoe a few weeks ago and now I can’t stop reading about it. Starting in Meek’s Bay (Tahoe), the Tahoe Yosemite Trail (TYT) covers 186 miles of some of the most beautiful trails in the country.  The FKT site says the route shares 150 miles of trails with the busy PCT, but guides I’ve read say it’s much less. Regardless, I want to see someone set an FKT on this bad boy. Leor Pantilat? Jason Hardrath? Maybe Rory Bosio?

Got kids who love trail running? Be sure to put Max King’s Youth Trail Running Camp on the calendar for next year. Sunny (12) spent last week in Shasta with a few dozen tweens and teens and had a blast. Nutrition, running, swimming, orienteering, and apparently a ton of fun. (No Financial Interest.)

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