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Ultramarathon and Trail News

Newsweek: Ultramarathon Runners are Leaving Marathoners in the Dust.

You’ve heard Sarah talking about her Western States prep on the show, now hear how it all went down. Sarah Lavender Smith’s Western States Report Episode.

Awesome: New wall map shows (nearly) every trail in the entire state of California.  (and it’s only $20!)

Where Americans and nutritionists disagree on what is healthy. Interesting.

I wanna see Tim Olson climb a vine, but my computer is saying unavailable. Boo!  Does it work for you?

I’m having a tough time showing footage of this year’s news coverage from Mt Marathon (yesterday’s link was last years race), so check out this aerial video instead.

ESPN Body Issue. I don’t look like that naked.

Sept 17-18 just outside Madison Wisconsin is the North Face Endurance Challenge.  I’ve never been to Madison and everyone tells me I’d love it.  Who’s going?

Christof made a run at this FKT last year but had to pull out after 9 days. Next week, he’s trying again for the new self-supported and solo Oregon Desert Crossing speed record. That’s 750 miles of terrain I had no idea existed in the state.  Here’s the announcement, and here’s the rad video.

“I thought about the women behind me, thinking at any moment they would be catching me, but didn’t let that put any paralyzing fear in me,” she says. “Rather I kept telling myself, ‘You are in the lead, it is now your race to lose.’ That kept me fired up… “It has been my dream to win [WS100], and I was not going to give up that chance.”

How Kaci won Western States.

Or check out McMillan’s list of Five Common Mistakes Runners Make and do the opposite. Kaci mixes up her races, doesn’t stress, takes rest days…

So while everyone else was in Auburn, these guys were a few hours south running some sweet singletrack in the Kaiser Wilderness of CA’s central valley.  Wait, where???

An older article, but a great post about what happens when a lifelong hiker decides to try hunting.  And though I’m not a hunter, I really enjoy this post from Hank Shaw (old as well) about the connection between hunter and game.  Read it. It’s powerful stuff.

Dopes: The agents of two prominent runners (Kiprop and Jeptoo) have been detained by Kenyan police in a doping investigation.  This isn’t their first time.

Personal note: Want to get really depressed? Go to a state park, lake, or public use are the day after 4th of July weekend. Disgusting.

Similarly, how to get yourself banned from a National Park.

Two Tough Chicks: Amy Sproston and Joelle Vaught’s Zion Traverse FKT video is gorgeous. Nice job, ladies.

Interesting: Use your mind (and nature, beer, and friends) to help in recovery after a hard workout.

Michael let his wife pick out a hundred miler to build their vacation around (smart man), and she chose Black Hills 100.  He trained, made good decisions, and won the dang thing. Nice!

Three tests to test your running potential.  I don’t suppose this translates well to endurance and ultramarathon events.

Eighteen Canadian gals set a new FKT for the Bruce Trail relay, but I don’t understand the details.  How many ran at the same time? Just one? Anyone clarify?

Coating yourself in aerodynamic tape is the next big thing for Nike track athletes?

URP News: Recording new podcast today to hear a tale of an epic, life-changing ultramarathon journey with no starting line or finish tape.

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