Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, July 8

The guys at ORM caught up with Jurek during his AT attempt. Here’s the quick interview.

Here are 13 spring trail shoes you might want to consider.

Alright, if I’m understanding this correctly, this is a race from Salzburg to Monaco where the competitor either must carry a paraglider through the Alps or fly it when possible. Running through the Alps looks tough enough…imagine carrying a paraglider! Pics look incredible. h/t Francois for pointing this out.

Dakota writes himself a letter about taking a wrong turn.

Geez, Jill sounds like she was near death on her bike until she finally decided to pull the plug on the Tour Divide.

Mario paced Chrid DeNucci for his first hundred miler. Here’s how it went down.

Let’s check in on Israel to see how his run across Colorado is going.

Best earbuds for runners? Come on, Runner’s World, how about mentioning one of the myriad “single ear bud” kits out there? I use this and love it.

Update from Ellie with bad Leadville news but tons of smiles no less.

Holy cow, I want to go here now. Not for the feint of heart or those with height aversions.

Hardrock is coming up! Sarah and I chatted with John Burton after his awesome performance last year, and it continues to be one of my favorite episodes we’ve done. Check it out here.

He looked down at my bib to confirm we were in the same race and then gave me a very Italian-style wink. He didn’t speak, but in that wink and caffeine-fuelled haze, I actually imagined him whispering go for it, bellissima! into my ear. That one simple gesture transformed me back from a tired, gross runner into a bellissima trail warrior. I could have kissed him, but I was too busy making out with my can of red bull.

–From Stephanie’s excellent report (and pics!) from the Lavaredo Trail Ultra.

Now there’s a smart company. UK phone retailer supports and encourages employees to run local ultramarathon.

What a ridiculous article: Yeah, Emelie’s time at Mount Marathon was a CR, but not really. Or something.

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