Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, June 10

Excellent post about Eleanor Adams Robinson, one of the OG ultramarathon women. Robinson was running during Ann Trason’s hay day and the two battled numerous times.

Bryon’s ode to the “home trail.” Yep, I’ve got one too. A nice little five miler on levee roads and trail that wisps along the American River behind my house.

…and Bryan’s ode to trail running at dawn. I agree, there’s not a better way to start the day.

Update: Brown University reinstates it’s XC and TF teams. WooHoo!

Coree’s Ice Age Trail FKT update: Rolled his ankle a bit, good spirits, feeling squishy, and his time at the end of day 6 is exactly the same as current FKT holder Annie Weiss.

Houston’s best running “trails.”

Sports Illustrated: Good, in depth article on serial ultra cheater Kelly Agnew, but I can’t help comment that I really wish SI paid attention to our sport during “regular” times and without the focus on scandal.
And…I hadn’t realized what a scum ball that guy is/was. Yuck.

Japan Running News: This article about a sexual assault on a running path in Tokyo almost seems like a parody. What a nut.

Keep an eye on Drew Macomber. He’s had a few wins but I’m guessing we’ll see him on some big podiums when races return.

Alright, so if a bunch of folks can get together for an, ahem, protest, can we get a damn race “protest” on the calendar? Ours, by the looks of things, would be a bit more legitimate anyways. (Please read the article before getting triggered.)

Chase completes his “back country safety” series with a post about gear. What’s essential, what’s smart, and what works.

This guy Everested in the stairwell of his apartment building in Hong Kong, completing his transformation from depressed “slob” to a guy who’s got hold of his mental health issues. Nice work!

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