Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, June 12

Gabe Grunewald passed away last night after a tough, public, and heroic struggle with a rare cancer. Here’s an excellent video about her life and family, her running, and her treatment.

Ultra168: Laz takes Australia.

Fair question: As endurance athletes, should we welcome pain and suffering or use something to mask it?

Koop/CTS: Why ultramarathon Runners should ditch headphones while training. No way. Running is just about joy as much as it is performance, and running with music—or more recently podcasts—is something I love. Safety? No issue if I’m using Aftershokz and have my ears open.

TrailRunnerMag/Roche: Great post about what we really learn from running…it’s the lessons learned the hard way. This is exactly why it’s so important to get kids running early! Our society seems to be afraid of telling kids that they failed at something or that they’re not THE BEST at something, and running has a simple and effective way of countering that message, doesn’t it? Help a kid set an attainable goal, work towards it, fail a few times, get back up, beat it, then set the next.

Instagram: Want to watch Kilian run a tight mountain ridge while holding a GoPro? Get ready to tighten those butt muscles!

More on that: Getting kids interested in running is great for the sport, for business, and most importantly for the KIDS themselves. 
Three companies stepped up to support the inaugural year of the elementary school track/XC/trail running team I started and they asked for nothing in return. No logo on a shirt, no recognition, and no attention. They just wanted to help. One company sent shirts, one cash, and one sent 1,000 nutrition bars!
These companies stepped up and made it possible for the team to welcome kids of all abilities and socioeconomic levels and I’ll forever be thankful for their contributions. 
So Athletic Brewing, The North Face, and Zone Perfect Kidz bars, THANK YOU for supporting the future of our sport and for seeing the promise in our kids. And on behalf of the running club at my kids school…Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Road running stats: We’re getting slower, older, participation is declining, and for the first time, there’s a majority of women in road running. I’d love to see the same study and methodology for trail and ultramarathon events.

Run Spirited: Excellent interview with Mario Mendoza about his upbringing (child of immigrants on an avocado farm), his soccer, relationship with his dad, and love of running.

Ah, yes, just what society needs: A Miller Lite can made into a video game controller.

The Women’s Trail Festival in Canada looked like a good time: Krav Maga, yoga, and trail running. Here’s a recap from an attendee.

I met Damian Hall when I interviewed him prior to The Canyons in April and instantly took a liking to him. Here’s an interview with him from the folks at 33Fuel.

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