Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, June 14

Skurka: Creating a pace chart for an ultramarathon.  Here’s my interview with him from a few years ago if you’d like to learn more about planning and preparation for big adventures.

M1 Andrew Miller won’t be lining up in Squaw next weekend. Here’s why. Dang that guy’s got a lot of maturity for a college student. I was not making good decisions when I was his age.

And about as opposite from Andrew Miller as one could get….the top three ways to let everyone know just how rad you are.

Robie Point Pinor Noir

And in a somewhat similar vein, can narcissism fuel grit?  I think so.

Kaci’s got plenty of grit, but from what I can tell not a narcissistic bone in her body.  More on her quest for another win at Western.

Looking for the perfect gift for the runner in your life? Maybe your crew or congratulatory gift for a big finish? Caroline Boller is one of my favorite people in the sport. Great attitude, fierce competitor, and tons of integrity.  She and her husband recently lunched a website with  some CA wines that will benefit the Western States Foundation.  Here’s the site

The Portland Marathon is at risk of not getting permitted for the first time in over four decades.

So important: Dealing with failure on the trails and ultra marathons. It’s gonna happen. Don’t lose your mind over it. Learn from it.

Dakota Jones is one of my favorite story tellers in our sport. In this piece, he talks about driving around France while trying assisting a photographer taking pics of Max King.  Doesn’t sound too exciting, but Young Money is always able to weave quite a story.

Did you check out the latest episode? Imagine being #36 on the Western States waitlist. Will you get to start the race? Should you have a back up plan? How will handle it if you don’t get to toe the line in Squaw? Andrew Chapello had one ticket in the lottery and this’ll be his first 100 miler. Fun talk with a guy in a unique position.

ultramarathonThat episode was sponsored by the Alpenglow Mountain Festival. If you’re on Tahoe’s North Shore for Broken Arrow Skyrace or Western States Endurance Run, check out the activities taking place during this nine day celebration (June 17-25) of outdoor activities including trail running (with Ryan Sandes, Magda Boulet, Mike Wardian, and more), SUP, lakeside yoga, and about 50 other activities. Most activities are free and space is limited, so jump online and register today.

I hope that Andrew and other runners read this excellent piece by Joe Uhan: Dear Western States Runner.

If you heard Sarah’s interview about her Mauna to Mauna stage race, you can read more details about it right here.

The sun started to set and with it’s departure came some of the strongest winds I’ve ever experienced. Dangerous-feeling winds. Push-you-off-a-cliff winds. The sort of winds that would have lead me to cut a run short had it not been a race. A beautiful and serene day turned into a chaotic and violent night, but by then I was engaged.

–Kris Brown ran his first hundred at San Diego this past weekend and won the damn thing.

Why have I never thought of this? Using hydration bladders as ice bags.



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