Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, June 15

Ultramarathon and Trail News From Around the World

Sandi writes a power piece about how female trail and ultramarathon runners can be judged differently than men, and how the attention to appearance is dangerous.

No drama, no FKT, just a couple from Canada who decided to run across Italy.

Great Salomon video about the essence of trail running.

Stone Brewing brewmaster heading out to start his own brewery and to write a book about IPAs.

Science! To hell with it. No need to train or practice.

A transgender woman is featured on the cover of Women’s Running Magazine and the issue of fairness in competition is lightly discussed. There’s a tremendous amount of emotion and politics from both sides, but it’s a discussion we need to have as a sporting public.

Remember the Ultra Fiord from a few months ago where the runner lost his life? Read Yitka’s report from the race, her thoughts on adventure, and whether she would recommend the race to others. Also, be sure to check out the link to the changes being made for next year.

You’ve got to check out WIllie’s report–and incredible pictures!–from the Bailey Traverse in the Olympic National Park.

Here’s a good interview with Eric Skojac, the only finisher in the Infinitus 888 in Vermont.

Ladies: Read this and stay safe. And yes, that second picture freaks me out, too.

Good stuff from WSJ: Turn off that nagging self-doubt in your head.

I tend not to think of ultramarathon and trail runners as “extreme” athletes (I guess I don’t know what it actually means), but they’re included in the list of extreme athletes from Boulder.


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