Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, June 19

Mountain Outhouse: Trail World Champs and an excellent idea to have IAU adopt the 50M record and for Comrades to include a timing mat at the distance.

CTS: “Running is 90% mental and the other half is physical”…or something like that. Except…you can be in perfect shape, be mentally strong, and one tiny little blister will wreck your day. Here’s everything you need to know about blisters.

Community: The Vargo family has gone through the worst type of heartache possible. Here’s how you can help.

Broken Arrow SkyRace: Max King, Megan Kimmel, David Laney, Sandi Nypaver, Hayden Hawks, Keely Henniger, Mike Wardian, Coree Woltering, Anne-Marie Madden, Ryan Ghelfi, Caroline Boller, and so many more…get ready, this is going to be a fun weekend! And please watch out for a 9yo in a bright pink cast in the 11k and tell her to slow down and be careful.

Bang Bang Girl Gang sounds like a dirty Japanese movie featuring tentacles, but it’s so much better. Here’s the story of six women forming a team to race from Santa Monica to Las Vegas. Definitely want to be there next year for this.

iRunFar: Western States 100 women’s preview. Comment section turns into a “what happened to Camille’s ultrasignup?” mystery. (Personally, I’ve got Courtney for the win, followed by Kaytlyn, Amanda, Lucy, and Kaci in no particular order.

Speaking of Lucy, I saw her out on the course yesterday morning coming down from Robie. Looked good and ready as the day started to heat up.

Whataburger running shoes? Your move, In-n-Out. Double double?…make that foam thick.

TrailSisters: Sophie writes about aging into her 50s and using what she’s got left to make the best of her life on the trails. The women’s 50-55 AG has always seemed to be one of the toughest and most competitive out there.

RunnersWorld: 4:07 mile with a dog. Next year he’s planning on sub 4. Who’s a good girl? Note that Fam and his pup ran faster, but the run wasn’t in a race so does not stand.

YouTube: What happens when trans athletes join the girls track team.

NBC Sports: Russian athletics is a total mess. Thirty three athletes face new doping allegations, including minors and disabled competitors.

SF Chronicle: Conservation group fights approval of trail races in Montana due to bear activity.

Update: Paul Tierney is still pushing strong as he attempts to summit all 214 peaks.

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