Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, June 20

Jam Jam’s Mountain Outhouse News: Western States update, Eastern States cancellation, Harvey Lewis’ AT attempt, NIKE vs the US Naval Academy, Broken Arrow SkyRace, Don Ritchie, and more.

These cyclists acted like total jerks and need to be held accountable and outed publicly.  

Ever wondered about OCR (obstacle course racing) and how it’s trended over the past decade? Here’s a thorough analysis of the sport, and here are a few interviews we’ve had with OCR’s finest.

rabbit is still a new company, but they’ve got a nice squad heading to Western States this week.

More WS100: Brett writes about his training for the Big Dance. While 100k is the farthest he’s gone, his mindset, training, and rest seem to be primed for a good day in the mountains.

This guy finished Comrades by telling himself “suck it up, princess.” One question though…is a “onesie” in RSA the same as a onesie in the US?

Sign of the times: The infamous Sochi “Testing” Lab is now a gastropub.

A very touching essay about the loss of a member of our tribe: Julia’s coworker writes about her personality and effect on those she spent time with.

Billy Yang visits the Born to Run ultramarathon race/festival/extravaganza/palooza and reports back with this short film

…and from the other end of the ultramarathon spectrum, here’s a video/interview highliting a first time competitor on day 3 of the Sri Chimnoy 3100 mile race in New York.

Read this: We interviewed Brad in 2016 about his hundred miler at the Booneville Backwoods Ultra and the midwest ultramarathon scene.  In this piece, he writes openly and honestly about how he’s struggled with body image issues and the freedom that comes with not caring.

This thread about “what is ultrarunning” on LetsRun made it two posts before devolving into name calling and racist remarks.

You haven’t heard Sarah on the show for a few weeks, have you? Here’s why. Looks great!

Western Cowboy update: Jared Hazen (one of my favorites for the podium) is out, but Tim Freriks is still primed for a top spot.


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