Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, June 24

Sarah has been training for her first 24 hour run for awhile. This past weekend, she ran–and won!–it, and this is what she learned.

Remember this interview with mentalist Oz Pearlman? He’s the Fruitarian’s running buddy/foe?  Guess who showed up America’s Got Talent this week?!?

Lisa Smith Batchen is going after the mens TransCon record.  That’ll be over 68 miles a day for about five weeks.  Just…let that settle.

Yay! Record-breaking heat this weekend.

It won’t be a problem for this guy: Here’s the new podcast with Ryan Sandes.  Probably the best heat runner out there, I put Ryan on the podium on Saturday.

Help get URP listener Brad a major award! Vote for him here–it’s really easy and will take two seconds. No email requirements or anything. Let’s do this!

Without a doubt the most thorough shoe reviews on the intrawebz. Now he’s got a cool feature that purports to show where to get them for the lowest price as well.

Best not to hitch a ride on the back of a motorcycle if you’re supposed to be on your bike during a triathlon.

Have you got your URP discount for this NorthFace race in Canada yet?  Looks gorgeous!

I’ve been playing around with this site for an hour now and pretty much forgot about the Daily News. Oops!  NatGeo essentially googlemapped freakin El Capitan and I can’t get enough of it.

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