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The Spine is one of the toughest–if not the toughest–ultramarathon in the UK, and for the second year in a row, it was won outright by a female competitor, besting Jasmine Paris’ 2018 win by two hours. Wow! (Clarification, Jasmine won the winter edition while this most recent win was for the summer race. Same course, drastically different weather.)

Brett Hornig: I love reading race reports that are full of joy, and Brett’s report from Broken Arrow is just that. He nailed that race with even splits…sub five on that course is insane. Nice job, dude.

TrailSisters: Clare Farrow writes about her recent run in the Grand Canyon and gets a blast of confidence from her run. Sounds like Clare’s got a neat story!
Fun (and sad) fact: I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon.

The RD, the volunteers, the organization, the trails, the views, the hikers, the runners, the crews and pacers- everything surrounding this race is just pure magic. That being said I can make something magical and beautiful into an unadulterated sh*t show.

–More on Manitou’s Revenge, here’s Jimmy’s report from this weekend.

High Lonesome 100 changes their entry policies and adds some slippery slopes. Prior to this change, any qualified athlete could register for the race, regardless of gender, with no barriers preventing runners from entering. Now entries will be specifically based on gender. How is this progress?
I’d like to see more female participation in the sport too, but I don’t think this is the way to do it.

A better solution?

  • Encourage young girls to get into the sport.
  • Support brands and races that focus on–but don’t patronize–females.
  • Motivate more women to get into MUT media.
  • And showcase trail running as a safe activity.
Scotty Mills a few steps away from the track in 2018.

WS: Good bio on Scotty Mills. Can’t wait to see come leaning into the track this weekend. Here’s our interview with him from last year.

Business: Under Armour jumps into the TransRockies game as title sponsor.

Western States: I’ll be up at Squaw starting tomorrow, then will spend most of Saturday at Foresthill. Same routine as last ten years…hang out all day in the URP tent (prob just past the hotel), cheer for runners, then I’ll head to the track in the later afternoon. Swing by and say hi!

Completing a tough race then sitting down immediately to type out a comprehensive (and coherent!) race report is a rare talent. Here’s a great mid packer report from The Great New York 100 Miler this past weekend.

Pretty sweet recording location!

I released a new episode yesterday featuring Jonathan Levitt as a guest. We sat down in Squaw a few days ago to talk about how and why he got into podcasting, which issues we choose to address, what tech we prefer, why more women don’t get into the medium, and more. And of course…we geek out on some WS predictions.

Koop: How to handle a mid-race catastrophe: Accept, Diagnose, Analyze…

Mocko’s heading to Western Staes and here’s his latest video. I tend to laugh, shake my head, and chuckle at each of his updates.

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