Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, June 27

Excellent article about how running while high for fun turned into the only way he could run.

By the time this is published, Joe Grant will be on his way to an unsupported Nolan’s 14. Here are a few other podcasts we’ve done about the iconic route: Brandon Stapanowich | Anna Frost | Blake Wood

Dakota’s got a serious man crush on Kilian. I think most of us do.

Ladia responds to Sunny’s lessons with some notes of her own. That last one is key…chasing a kid down a hill shows how much we hold back and what a “natural” form can look like. On a personal note, I’m completely unable to watch that finish line video without tearing up. Here’s the interview that started it all.

This “hike” in Spain looks like a pretty incredible twelve kilometers. Anyone done it?

Ultramarathon runner designs athleisure clothes for women who need additional support up top.  We did this review a few years ago that covered similar clothing options.

Guy from South Africa runs Comrades. Guy gets in a mining accident and has a six foot crowbar go through his groin and out his back. (Good Lord.) Trauma surgeon jokingly dares him to run Comrades again. Of course he gave his medal to the doc.

I’m sorry, did you just say that Scotland’s CO2 shortage is causing a shortage of bacon and beer? EVERYBODY PANIC.

Megan Kimmel certainly proved her fitness at Broken Arrow earlier this month. Now she talks what she has in storer for threat of the season. UTMB, look out.

Sarah and I are chatting with Bob Shebest later today. Bob’s been on the show before and is a compelling guy and a great runner. Today we’ll be talking about what happened at Western States this year and why his last words to me were “Fu*k that, I’m never running one of those again.”

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