Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, June 28

Awesome: Hardrock takes a stand against UTMB charging races to be qualifiers. 

Nathan writes a great piece for NYT that covers PED testing at ultramarathon events–specifically Western States.

I’ve heard both sides of this discussion: Do bear bells work?

The goal of Western States is to win a cougar, not see a cougar.

This discussion yesterday prompted some great dialogue that we can hopefully learn from. My takeaways:

  • “Amateur” photographers are blamed for many of the annoying and irresponsible antics.
  • Aside from Amy and YiOu, there was little feedback to my “pacing” point–which I still think is very real.
  • The line–and permitting procedures–between amateur and pro seem really blurry. 
  • Next up for discussion: Overgrown crew size.

Shots like this: Seb Montaz chasing Kilian and Stian down some crazy technical trails are incredible from both a running and videographer perspective.


How’s that for a double? Win Western States, pose nude for Marie Claire Magazine. Where’s the parity for trail runner representation?

The strength of prayer? 

Competitor picks it’s top trail shoes for Summer 2017.

Though this article is focused on multisport, it’s a good reminder that race waivers are not air tight.

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