Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, June 3

Here’s Sarah’s Trailrunner article about Western States co-founder Mo Livermore. I didn’t know she was working an aid station at Tevis Cup in ’74 when Gordy ran through for the first time!

Here’s an interesting (and sad) story about the couple who built hiker heaven on the PCT, and why they shut it down.

Tarawera 100k in New Zealand sits high up on my bucket list, and according to RD Kiwi Paul, it’s already 50% full on the first day of registration. Check it out here, and if anyone’s got an extra seat on a plane (or a large carry-on), let me know.

Here’s a fun report from a┬átimed (48/6day/10day) on some technical trails in beautiful Vermont put on by a fun looking group.

Geoff Roes writes about what adults can learn from running with kids. Spot on.

Ethan was close to his first ultra win this past weekend, until an unmarked fork in the trail cost him valuable time.

Great video: Why you should be trail running (in the Bay Area.)

Apparently it’s National Running Day. Fine, I’ll run then.

New trail ultramarathon coming to Glacier National Park in Montana this year. 48k with 12k’ gain on what I assume are beautiful trails. Anyone familiar with the particulars? update: Ah, it’s in Canada…I was wondering how they permitted a competitive event in a NP.

Though I’d quibble with the title (are these really highly rated or pretentious?), this is a funny beer review from Pat Sweeney.

Another reason why one positive PED test should ban cheaters for life.

How to train the three most important muscled in running.

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