Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, June 6

If you’re prone to blisters during ultramarathon distances (or really any time), take a few minutes, read this piece by Liza Howard, and put together a blister kit for your drop bag.

Joe Gray signs with HOKA. Our interview with him is right here.

A bit late, but always good to catch up on JamJam’s Mountain Outhouse News update.

SUUNTO is claiming new watch will have 120 hour battery life in certain modes. Anyone know what that means? Tracks every 5 minutes? Anyone tried it?

Plans are afoot for a world class multi-day in Minnesota next year. More info right over here. Can’t tell if regular folks can register or if it’s just for elites.

Update on Laz’s walk across the country.

It’s Global Running Day. Ok, fine, I’ll go out on a run today.

The world’s top 100 highest paid athletes. One runner on there…guess who?

Looks like a cool movie about the Spartathlon. Bonus: Turn on subtitles and learn how to say “What am I doing out here in the dead of a rainy night in the middle of f*^cking nowhere” in multiple languages. Could be handy if you’re into mutillingual self pity.

Looking forward to reading this book about endurance by Jennifer Pharr Davis.

Short news day. Interviewing Golden Ticket winner Kate Elliot today about her preparation for her very first hundred miler.

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