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Six proven strategies for crushing athletic performance anxiety.  So spending a half hour in the outhouse before the race isn’t a good strategy?

Eric Schranz from Ultrarunnerpodcast was with us in camp and we were able to watch him record a live show Friday after dinner.  I think his goal for the weekend was to finish off the kegs of beer.

Debbie’s report from trail running camp. For the record, I believe I had 6 beers all weekend. ;). Ruhstaller is not my thing.

Excellent: Bryon accepts defeat and throws in the towel. I’ve been there too, have you?

All trail runners are liberal lefties. There does seem to be a dominant political affiliation in the US, or is it just the vocal ones on social media?

Drinking beer does…something…to my, wait, what? 

Newsflash: Ultramarathon runners and other endurance athletes might have GI issues.

Interested in the new Hoka Speedgoat 2 and wonder how it’s different from the original? Ben reviews the hell out of it right here.

Katie writes about her transformation from corporate woman to mountain woman and how it fits into her orthodoxy.

Sandal update: I’m wearing a few different sandals with 6mm+ drops and my lower legs are feeling much better. Reviews and updates forthcoming.

Flatlanders, listen up! How to train for hills when you live someplace….flat.

Tommy Caldwell writes about Honold’s El Cap climb. I’ll agree with some of the other writers too…In my opinion, this is the greatest athletic achievement in decades. What’s bigger, better, more audacious?

Kawauchi continues to be one of the most fascinating character in international marathon running. Here he opens up about focusing on the Tokyo Olympics and the hive mind of many of his competitors.

Short news day today. Getting 3 cubic yards of DG delivered in an hour and it’s not going to move itself.

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