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New podcast! What’s the ultramarathon and trail scene like in Iowa? We talk to Brad Dains about his most recent hundred miler, what it’s like signing up for an ultra on race morning, how he lost a bunch of weight, balancing family time, sauerkraut, and more.

And in the interview, we talked about Brad’s part time gig in a running store and the momentum he sees with Oiselle. Here’s a new article about how the brand is taking on Nike in the women’s shorts and sports bra market. Read it.

The age-old question: To maximize aerobic energy, is it better to run farther or faster?

As it typical for the North East, the Trail of the Week doesn’t appear to be a trail at all.

Sunny ultramarathon
My favorite training partner.

Of all the North Face Endurance Challenge races, Utah starts at highest elevation (7200′) and reaches 10k’.  Looking for a trail or ultramarathon in late September? Here’s the link for North Face Utah…along with a URP discount code.

We interviewed Stevie Kremer last year, and I’ve had a bit of a crush on her since.  Here’s a new Trail Runner article about her life and awesome attitude.

I don’t care how good it is, I’m not ordering a damn Mortal Kombat Imperial Saison. Ever. (Well, unless it’s really, really good…)

Science! Is going commando in bed good for you? Does it affect a couples ability to get pregnant?

Ten signs that you need a break from running. Can’t say I agree with most of this list.

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So long, Strava.  What’s your relationship like?

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