Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, Mar 17

iRunFar/Little: Performance Enhancing Virtues like joy, resilience, and humor can get you far in this silly sport.

Semi-Rad: Twenty six useful facts about running. Funny as always, but #22 got me thinking…what’s the furthest (longest?) two people have run on the same treadmill at the same time? They’d either have to be extraordinarily thin or it’d have to be a wide–or perhaps long–belt. This is all I can find and it’s begging to be bested.

One particularly dumb new rule for those climbing Everest.

There’s a new podcast that focuses on the women of MUT running and is co-hosted by one of my favorite runners Devon Yanko. Check it out here.

Scientific American: Trans girls belong on girls sports teams. Keep in mind this author is a child psychiatry fellow who deals solely with transgendered youth and sees this thru a very myopic perspective.

ADN: Sable has earned herself fifteen 1,000 mile buckles and is ready for a big ol nap inside. That’s a good girl.

Schlarb and Meredith get some Men’s Journal love as they attempt an FKT in China for the Run Around the World television show.

TrailSisters: Learning about southwestern geology from a trail running geologist. She’d be fascinating to share some trail time with.

Last week I reported that no international spectator would be allowed at Tokyo Games. Now Seb Coe is announcing that it’s still a possibility.

What is barefoot running? No, this is not a repost from 2010.

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