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Sabrina Little/IRF: Important piece on the trapping of vainglory in our sport and how it can affect us down the road. I’d love for her to dive a bit deeper into how the need for social media attention intersects with vainglory and how it’s changing the ethos of outdoor adventuring. As always, excellent and smart writing from Ms. Little.

Climbing: We’ve got Nolan’s 14, then there’s this guy in the Himalaya who just asked us to hold his beer for a couple months.

Olympics: Kenyan guy running for South Korea in 2020 games. Two things about this. First, I’ve never been a fan of athletes switching allegiances. Run for your home country, ya know? Sure there are some exceptions, but this case shouldn’t be one of them, especially with the IAAF’s weak approval.
And also, the article conveniently leaves out the part about Joo-Han/Erupe getting popped for EPO in 2013 and suspended for two years.

Pro Runners: What happens if you’re a sponsored athlete but you wear someone else’s gear? Here’s a primer on exclusivity clauses. I have literally seen pro athletes shiver in the cold (not running, just watching a race) because they didn’t bring a jacket and couldn’t wear a non-Nike hoodie.

Here’s what happens when Ali G designs a Keen knockoff.

Nine Trails: Weather is looking foul for our Nerf battle this weekend, so there’s still a chance I’ll make it down to Santa Barbara Nine Trails this weekend. Anyone else going?

Kilian: Want to see what it’s like ridge running with Kilian in Norway? (Got a problem with heights, this probably isn’t the video for you.)

…what’s become crystal clear to me is that, just like fighting the water in swimming, I can’t fight my body and win. The body will always have the last laugh. 

Amelia Boone: Another injury and some serious and honest reflection.

Ultrarunning Mag: The latest in the Blue Collar Runners series…Hugh Tower-Pierce shares his story from Olympic ski dreams to some unfinished business on the mountain trails of northern Italy.

Coche Roche: We all know how important sleep is to an athlete and in this piece, David Roche lists a few products that can help out get some zzzzzs. I’ll throw in my recommendation for cannabis–indica strains specifically. It’s a natural remedy, can be grown organically in your backyard, and is a much more fun solution than Ambien or Nyquil. And remember, while state laws vary, it’s allowed outside of competition.

Congratulations! URP Gear Editor Ben and his wife welcomed a baby boy (their first) on Monday. Hayes Austin Zuehlsdorf is already thinking about his future gear closet.

No Ultramarathon Content: Goat parkour may be my new favorite thing to watch.

USATF/IOC: I’m trying to contextualize the new rules in a way the MUT scene (and I) can understand.
Is this right? If these new rules were applied to Western States qualifiers, the top two at Golden Ticket races wouldn’t earn a bib unless they hit a certain (very strict) time. Fair analogy?

RunSpirited: Courtney Dauwalter talks candy, racing, and possible FKTs. And if I recall correctly, she and I agree on the best flavor of Jelly Belly.

Road Race Participation: According to this new study, road race participation dipped 1% in 2018, but it looks like it was in “non traditional” distances and events. Does that mean color/glitter runs or am I missing something? I’d also love to see how the study compares to trail race participation. Anyone got that info?

Sarah and I recorded two interviews yesterday with runners on the complete opposite sides of the country and personality spectrum. You’ll hear one of them today. Stay tuned.

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