Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, Mar 22

This looks like a pretty awesome opportunity to get any of NatGeo’s topo maps for free. What am I missing?

The marathon cheater sleuth dude caught someone else using a bib mule for a Boston BQ.   Two questions I’ve got:  How does he get turned on to these people? Secret emails that say “Pssst, I think Cindy just posted her gear shot on race morning, but I saw her at IKEA while the race was under way. Check it out.”  Also, relative to field size, is there similar cheating in MUT events?  I’m curious.

Trail runners join fight for public lands.

No ultramarathon content whatsoever: What’s your morning routine like? Here’s a snarky response to what we should be doing.

Should you run today? Check this handy flowchart to find out.

Do you know (or care?) where your beer is actually brewed?

This showed up on Twitter yesterday.  Is Karl attempting another FKT or is this just a fun run?

Looks like samples are available again for S-Fuels–you guys and gals blew through their last run in less than a week.   Click the link in the right sidebar (or right here) to check out some healthy fueling options that will help you avoid the sugar spike and bonk.

Mario’s Morning Shakeout from yesterday (I stopped getting mine for some reason…had to re-subscribe) is a good one.  I’m with Mario on the technology front: Where is the line that determines how much technology should influence performance?  Tough one to answer.  Ideas?

The guys over at Science of Sport have an opinion on it. Check it out here. 

Elite Japanese distance coach verbally spars with self-coached Kawauchi in what I assume is a rare display of public animosity leading up to London Marathon.

Fifty years ago, this woman broke barriers for female distance running. I’ll admit, her story is new to me.  


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