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Ultramarathon News

A response to some ultramarathon and trail forums that have got a little out of hand.  Well said, Flint.

Hop varieties, in order of suitability as names for heavy metal bands.

As far as I know, she’s the first ultramarathon gal to appear in Glamour Magazine. Who is it? Don’t peek!

ultramarathon trail running trails montana de bro
Seaside trails in Montana de Oro, San Luis Obispo.

Trail running in San Luis Obispo.  Ack! Nothing from Montana de Oro? Are you kidding me???

I’ll release our Jason Schlarb interview today. Here’s a preview from the guys at TAUR.

My eyes hurt from rolling them so much.  What a lame article.

This is something I wish I’d done: Set up a time trail on a short local trail and run it every week for the past ten years. I’d love to see how my fitness has changed.

Have you seen the entrant list to Lake Sonoma? Holy cow!  The fellas will be fun to watch, but the exciting race will be with the ladies.  Camille Herron‘s first trail fifty, Amelia Boone‘s first trail fifty–either of them could win it–then you mix in the experience of Magda, Kaci, Emily, Kami, and a dozen other fast women…oooooey! This’ll be fun to watch.

Inside the life of a teenage professional runner.

Short news day. Gotta produce the Schlarb interview and get it out. Stay tuned.

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