Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, Mar 25

Sabrina writes some of the funniest ultramarathon race reports around. Here’s her latest from the Grasslands 50.

She’s nervous–and prepared–for hardcore Badwater training. Fun read.

Three things you need to know about snowshoe running. Thing #4: We got so little snow in CA this year that I didn’t get a chance to go out once.

Here’s a great example of how retail and brands can come together to support runners: The Baybirds.

…which leads me to the search for two people (men size 11, women 8) who live somewhere it’s  still raining and would like to help with a shoe review. Please have writing experience, no “affiliate” or sponsor programs, live in the US, and email me: [email protected]. Thanks.

The first marathon on Mars is complete!

Barkley is coming up this weekend. Here’s everything you need to know about the race, here’s our interview with Laz, here’s our interview with the youngest finisher Nickademus Hollon, and here’s our interview with Bev and Alan Abbs a few weeks before their last attempt a few years ago.

Oh hell yes. Kilian announced he’ll be running Mt Marathon this year. That will be awesome.

If you haven’t been watching the #urmadness on twitter, it’s down to the final four!

Gorgeous video of Oswaldo Lopez on a training run in the mountains of Southern California.

Steve Magness hates CrossFit.

Rock Creek Runners has developed a “how-to” for new trail runners with advice, nutrition information, stories, and videos. Sarah and I (along with Chris Vargo, Stephanie Howe, Wardian, Matt Fitzgerald, and others) contributed to it a few months ago and it’s available right over here (for a fee): Click here to view more details.

We all do this for different reasons and at different paces. This guy is my new favorite person of the week of all time.

An ultrarunner’s first time running a road marathon.  Yes, yes, yes. Here’s my take on them from last year.

This looks like an awesome event in Wales, but please help me understand it. Is it a trail race or not? The description says it’s not, then describes it as a “trail race.”

Sketchiest trail in the world.

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