Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, Mar 29

Chase offers up some opinions on the future of ultramarathons.  Is the sport heading towards B-level marathoners jumping over to 50ks, or should the community focus on “true” mountain ultramarathon runners like Anton?  Some compelling ideas mixed with some feather ruffling.  What do you think?

Trail runner allegedly assaults MTB on Denver trails. 

This week’s Mountain Outhouse. Lots of great stuff in there: Bandits, cleansport, Grand Slam, and more.  Salomon’s clean sport initiative is great: I love the idea of companies policing themselves with transparency. I just wish the group leading this charge wasn’t run by a guy who’d served a ban for PEDs himself.  Ya know?

Fourteen ways being a runner is like working in tech.  Techies?

How to stay awesome on the trails after fifty. Richtman, Bon, Pommier, Hanna, Arbogast: This silly sport is full of athletes pushing the limits of what should be possible.

Lots of great nuggets in here from one of my favorite runners to watch: The “Japanese Mike Wardian” Yuki Kawauchi.  (Or is Wardian the “American Kawauchi”?)

This guy hates IPAs.

Cool: What’s it like training with Koop?

This week in science: Running marathons is bad for you.  And it’s bad for your kidneys too. Don’t do it.  (Here’s my story.  Come for the science, stay for the shower scene.)

The North Face adds Zach Miller and Andrew Miller to the team.  As Ben pointed out yesterday, with only two exceptions, every male winner of Western States since 2007 has joined TNF.  Add 2x runner-up Seth Swanson to the list too.

Seriously? The Most Exciting Ultramarathon Runners in the World Today?

Releasing podcast today where we discuss the differences between “loss of mojo” and burnout.  Talk was yesterday and it was a good one.  Dr Drew offers up methods to avoid these situations and what to do when we’re amidst their throes.

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