Ultramarathon Daily News |Wed, Mar 4

It’s gonna be a short news day. Trying to fix a major issue with my computer and hoping to avoid buying a new laptop. If you’re a Mac whiz who also knows GarageBand, could you shoot me a message at [email protected]? Having a major audio issue (think it’s hardware) and would love some guidance. It’s tough to be a podcast with no f’ing audio! Thanks.

Remember the guy who fell on his trail run in Washington and crawled for seven hours to safety? What’s Joe up to now and how has that experience changed him? Anyone know how to contact him? I’d love to have him on the show. Thanks.

Got a West Coast race coming up and a lot of time on your hands? Warning, do NOT click this link unless you’ve got time to spare.

Interesting/cool way to look at the shoe debate in Atlanta. Follow Jeff on Twitter for the women’s results.

Berserkeley: Vegan runner asks neighbors to close their windows if they’re cooking meat. Responses and replies are predictably hilarious. (And yes, I recognize that people like this give regular vegans a very bad name.)

Treeline Journal: Nikki is coming out “the mom fog” and feeling like a runner again.

Like your hops but don’t want the alcohol or calories? The beverage industry is replete with options for you right now.

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