Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, March 16

Ultramarathon News

Is there an aspect of training that’s more important than specificity? Probably not, and David Roche shows us how to maximize the benefits.

Dakota ponders why we’re running, and if we’re (our minds and our bodies) are actually going anywhere.

Kawauchi-san ran a half marathon in 1:06…in a full damn suit. Unofficial new record by 18 minutes. Wow!

Ladies, would you know how to defend yourself from an attacker while out on a run?   Learn more here.

Scott reflects on running injuries and the camaraderie we get from the community.  For anyone who’s lost time on the trails due to injury, you’ll understand his point.

Longest (and most awesome) hiking running trails in the US.

Something tells me headphones (or booze) were involved in this story.

After falling into freezing water, running covered in ice, and trying to DNF once…Peter Ripmaster finally DNFed at Iditarod.  

It’s still in its infancy, but think of how awesome this technology will be for race coverage.

Mario’s Morning Shakeout. No ultra-specific content this week, but some intriguing thoughts.  And no, URP will not go subscription-based.

This wacky sport of ultramarathon has many a writer, and many an addict in its grasp.  Mishka Shubaly is one of us.  Anyone read his stuff?

Good point: The Pepsi Challenge, as applied to fancy beer.  But if you want to avoid being labeled a beer snob, you’d better check this list.

Are you (and your coach) obsessed with the details of the workouts, or are you still focused on the big picture?  Magness dives in here.

And because I’m a bit obsessed with calves right now, here are some dynamic pre-run stretches to perform to keep them healthy.

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