Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, March 24

Koop: How to train for the mountains when you live in a flat area.

More of this, please! A music video celebrating the life of a SAR guy from Banff.

Western States Endurance Run announces changes to the lottery that most people seem to like.

More changes coming to Boston Marathon: Officials will ask spectators to get sh*tfaced at least six feet apart and reservations will be required at portapotties along the course.

Northern Irish mountain runner dreams of seeing mountain running as an Olympic event. He also shares a name with a past guest of ours.

Treeline Journal: Sixteen incredible bucket list adventure runs in Oregon. Great work on this list!

TrailSister Gina Lucrezi chats to Ms. Magazine about her site and her view of the trail running world.

Can you read your trail blazes, cairns, and ducks?

iRunFar: Good guest post about the advent of technology and the importance of pacing.

Men’s Health: Shocked to find out that “performance beer” isn’t really that performancey at all.

Do you have an “elephant moment”? (A pessimist will read this story, look at another event and think “yeah, but if I’d stopped that one time, I wouldn’t have rolled my ankle and I wouldn’t have gotten hurt.”)

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