Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, March 28

Looking for a trail or ultramarathon running camp this summer? Jade reviews the top ten. Sarah will be coaching and leading runners at the San Juan camp…check it out!

Yes, there is a Dunkin Donuts running shoe. Rather than a racing flat, shouldn’t it have been a big cushy trainer though?

The earlier you can admit you don’t know everything, the more time you have to learn new things and make a richer life. The later you admit you don’t know everything, the less time you have. And if you don’t admit it at all? There’s a song lyric that says, “The older I get, the less I know, and the more I dream.”

This post by semi-rad’s Brendan Leonard from 2012 spoke to me deeply and I go back to it every few months. Learn something new. Put yourself out there. Today was yesterday’s tomorrow. (Here’s our interview with Brendan from earlier this week.)


–Craft beer has officially jumped the shark: Peeps beer.

Read this: Jenny takes off for a solo trek across the inhospitable mountains in Kyrgyzstan. She takes some great pictures and shares the stories of the shepards and nomads that helped her along the way.

Check out this highlight reel (and interviews) from Transgrancanaria.

What type of workouts do pro trail and ultramarathon runners do? David Roche gives five examples of easy to understand (but tough to run!) workouts right here.

Have you got a few days of Spring Break left and a couple thousand airline miles to spend? Five ideas to get your hike/trail run in.

Watch this: Fascinating conversation between Alex Hutchison and Malcolm Gladwell about pain thresholds, human endurance, and more.

More of Hutch’s view on suffering right this way.

My experiments of late are less concerned with how literature shapes appreciation of places than with the inverse: how places shape appreciation of literature.

–Books are better when read beside a campfire, aren’t they? More on that here.

Interested in running Chuckanut 50k next year? Be sure to check out Keith’s analysis of the event and his race in particular. Always key: Don’t go out too hard.

What’s Stephanie Violett up to this year? Oh, just the Sonoma/Western/UTMB triple.

Yosemite now has a Starbucks on the valley floor. Meh.

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