Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, May 10

Can’t make it across the finish line on your own? The case for being a selfish bastard runner.  Excellent! The ultramarathon community seems to understand this already. 

Latest Mountain Outhouse is fantastic.  JamJam gets it right and the new correspondent is awesome. Thank You Jamil.

How is Sarah packing for her self-supported stage race across Hawaii? Details right this way.

List-O-Rama! The 25 worst tasting beers in America. Pretty good list, except that many of those beers don’t even taste like anything.  I’d also add to the list the unfortunate travesty that is Lagunaitas Aunt Sally’s.  Love the brewery, hate that beer.

Running bra review by the Trail Sisters.  Here’s ours from a few years ago that focused on top-heavy runners.

Camille Herron looking to double up on Comrades and Western States wins. Different terrains, different distances, different styles, and usually only a few weeks apart, it’s a tough double that so far only Ann Trason has completed.

Really interesting look at which high school sports have best chance of leading to college scholarships.

How we’re supposed to be cleaning our water bottles. It’s the caps that get the funkiest for me. I’ve been tossing them (bottles and caps) in the dishwasher for a decade and haven’t died yet. You?

Walmsley’s soul mate? Grace is a quirky runner and dental student who’s got some interesting eating habits…maybe she’s looking for Mr. Right?

If you’re 76 years old and looking to climb Everest, you better hurry up.

Oldie but goodie: My review of crocheted running shorts.  Yes, I still have them, no I still haven’t washed them.




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