Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, May 11

I’m back! After an unfortunate few days of computer issues (old MBP took a dump then my GoDaddy account expired, d’oh!) I’m happy to be back. Thanks for the patience and the kind notes.

iRunFar: Race cancellations and the new permanent reality.

I had Cocodona 250 winner Annie Hughes on the show in 2021 and she mentioned her mentor Olga King numerous times. Lucky for us, Sarah Lavender Smith just interviewed Olga on her Substack. Check it out and remember to subscribe.

Runner’s World: Road race offers equal cash prize to “non-binary” runners and the NB winner complains (edit: about the purse.)

Adventure Journal: How much will a name change (ie Squaw Valley) change anything? Good essay that made me reconsider my own thoughts.

We had a good discussion on Twitter (yes! It can happen!) about the 6yo who ran (at 8.5 hours, it was more of a walk, but whatever) the marathon last month. Lots and lots of hysteria about how kids shouldn’t be allowed to run marathons and how the parents are negligent and/or abusive, but no one could really put an age or distance on what is “acceptable” and what should be allowed. If a marathon is verboten, could a 6yo run a 20 miler? Should they hike 30 miles with his or her parents? And what’s the deal with grown plates? Should we listen to the Twitterati or to an actual sports MD? I don’t see the same hysteria about young kids competing in gymnastics at an early age or competing in the Olympics well before puberty, but for some reason this kid–who we only know from short snippets on social media–is castigated. And all this “excessive running at an early age” hasn’t really affected the East Africans, has it?
My take: Best practice is to first make sure it’s fun. If the joy stops, be done. Then, allow the parents to make decisions for their own children while staying within the guidelines of the race rules…including any exceptions.

SCMP: How do you know it’s time to replace your trail shoes?

Speaking of sustainability of shoes and speaking of China, I have a hard time getting excited about Allbirds sustainability practices if they’re still manufacturing in the PRC. Doesn’t matter what they’re made of.

My thoughts swirled and tumbled. Completely detached from the world, in this tiny bubble of light surrounded by endless darkness, I began talking out loud to myself. I went back through my memories, I made jokes, I laughed, I sang funny little songs made up on the spot. If I caught another runner, I tried to get by quickly so I could get back to my happy madness.

I was having fun, until my thoughts turned on me. I started to get mad, telling myself: “What’s wrong with you? This isn’t running, this is pathetic” etc, and calling myself names, delving momentarily into anger.

Adharanand Finn recounts his 100 mile Thames Path journey.

(Updated) scientific paper detailing how testosterone suppression does not negate the male advantage in sport.

Meanwhile, two more elite female athletes come out against trans inclusion in competition. Unfortunately they chose to stay anonymous, though I understand their reasoning for doing so.

Semi-rad: The art of exercising on a full stomach.

Tried to get Salomons lately? Here’s part of the reason why.

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