Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, May 13

Seems that James was feeling a bit salty when he wrote the ten secrets to becoming a modern ultrarunner, but it’s hilarious. Might sting a bit, too.

Iron Mike Wardian did it again. Last night he lowered his treadmill 50k to 2:59:49.  Nice job!

Ten questions with Zach Miller.

Speaking of Zach, he just made a pretty interesting move. He’s just been hired to be full time caretaker at Barr Camp, 10k+’ up on Pike’s Peak.  Once again, he’s all in.

Arizona State XC champ Marcus Wheeler dead from apparent self-inflicted gun shot.

Here’s an interesting interview with Altra founder Golden Harper. Dude ran a 2:57 marathon at age 11!

I’ve got a big ol’ runners crush on Stevie Kremer.  Here’s her latest video from Salomon.

When you run across America (114 days, 3423 miles), the last day is pretty awesome.

Some short(er) thru hikes in America. The story includes hiking time, I wonder what realistic time frames are for normal runners?

Strava launched a new City Guide this week. Has anyone tried it out?

The winner of the Eugene Marathon this past weekend was Catherine Watkins, a 42 year old mother of two who just started running seven years ago. There’s hope!

This is why Boulder is awesome. Right outside of town they’ve got trails like this.  And is Hugo the Colorado version of Jorge Maravilla?

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