Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, May 15

Coach Koop: Overnight runs are dumb, but you should do them anyways.  I’m shocked at how many people don’t do these! I used to go out on a run at 9 o 10pm on Fri night, run until 4am, sleep for an hour, then race a 50k Saturday morning. It was tough, but the experiences taught me a lot and prepared me for what would come in a race scenario.

Fast Running: Comparison is the thief of joy. Excellent points to consider next time you’re perusing Strava.

Sabrina Little 100k ultramarathon HOKA
Sabrina Little on “the loop” portion at HOKA Carbon Project X event.

Running is a weird world. We taut our personal bests (our PBs or PRs), define ourselves in terms of these numbers, and recite them to one another. But we ignore the fact that our personal worsts are just as descriptive of us as athletes as our personal bests are. It seems like people want to claim their successes and explain away their failures, but you can’t do both. Your best and your worst are both yours.

Sabrina Little analyses her run at the HOKA event earlier this month. As she often does, Sabrina mixes literature, philosophy, athleticism, and self improvement with a heavy dose of modesty and we all get to learn something about her mindset and reflect on our own. 

LetsRun: Whoa, some intelligent MUT discussions on LetsRun!

Tech: I’m a tech neophyte so I listen to what you all know about cameras. This new DJI competitor to GoPro…it’s a good option? 

Health: Are seltzer waters like LaCroix actually healthy? I’m really digging Lagunitas’ Hop Water, which is water infused with hops and it is absolutely delicious. It’s not beer and isn’t pretending to be beer, it’s hoppy–not bitter–water. The big issue is trying to figure out where to find it. Is it in the beer aisle? Probably not. The little non-alcoholic section with O’Doull’s? Nope, probably not since it’s not “beer.” With the LaCroix? Likely, but it’s usually best to just ask.

But the tiny ups and downs on the start of the loop are now insurmountable, forcing my muscles into one giant seething charlie-horse. I’m barely shuffling along now and just waiting to navigate this quiet section of the course until I can find someone who can help me, make it all stop.

I barely remember what happens next, but somehow I’m getting helped into a van by Sage Canaday and then I’m back at the start and in the medical tent and I can’t catch my breath and I can’t stop shaking and every time I move something new begins to cramp.

Tyler Andrews’ report from the HOKA attempt. Great report and insight from a guy who risked it for the biscuit.

Tech: Gear Editor Ben is pretty stoked on this new watch from COROS. Sixty hours of battery life in full GPS mode with HRM. Wow! Anxious to hear/read more.

Ultra168: Lucy Bartholomew will be doing some speed work at this weekends Ultra Trail Australia as she prepares for another go at Western States Endurance Run in just over a month.

Politics: The most impressive athletic feats of our elected representatives.

It makes me happy to see races like Squamish, Broken Arrow, Destination Trail events, and Araivapa running events all offering kids trail races. So great for the sport. Wonderful for society, and smart for business. Kudos to all the RDs!

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