Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, May 16

I can’t get the video to work, but these two septuagenarian ultramarathon runners look like they’d be a blast to run with.

Which group tends to live longer? Chess Grand Masters or Olympic athletes?

Alright, for you data and mapping geeks out there: This free program has been available only in French (and metric), but just launched in English and imperial this week.  Course Generator offers the possibility to estimate as accurately as possible the time required to complete a specific course by foot (run, race, trek….) To do so, it looks like it takes into account multiple parameters such as the altitude effect, fatigue coefficient, time spent at each aid station and, most importantly, it will compute the time at each GPS point using a speed/slope curve specific to each of us. I’m not a data geek, but I have a feeling I just slowed down some of your work productivity today. Example below.

ultramarathon trail race plan
Data geeks rejoice.

Sorry about the dry spell of new episodes. I’m starting three new running programs for kids and they’re taking more time than I’d planned.

On that note…industry folks…I’m looking for someone to help out with a few dozen kids shirts and shoes. Comped or a nice discount would be great and would go directly towards ensuring this running bubble continues into the future. Good will and publicity are extra bonuses. Email me here if you can help. Thank You!

Ah, and more data! Dr. Tracy Hoeg disects data and science in this piece about heart health and ultramarathon running. I’ve had a funky heart my whole life (no episodes since ’97) and my cardiologists have always just shook their heads and said “just keep doing what you’re doing…it seems to be working.”

The Outspoken Women in Triathlon conference seems like something we’d have in trail and ultramarathon running, too.

Looking at attending a trail running camp in the Canary Islands early next year. My wife and I will be there and there’d be room for about 6 other runners. Low cost, and looks like tons of fun on incredible trails. More details soon.

Portraits of people before and after they get sweaty. Sort of the same situation when you see your running buddy in “regular” clothes.  Reminds me of these before and after ultramarathon portraits by Geoffrey Baker.

The Snowman Trek will be in theaters for one day tomorrow. I’m happy to see it’s playing in three different places within 20 minutes from my house! Looks like Sunny and I have a date tomorrow so we can watch Ben, Frosty, and Timothy make their way through the mountains of Bhutan.


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