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Ultramarathon News From Around the World

Nicky Spinks writes about eating enough to sustain an ultramarathon: Before, during, and after.

Cool (and free) app that shows your wear patterns on your running shoes. Designed by a runner and radiologist, he’s looking for feedback on the app. Shoe geeks rejoice.

Here’s a list of all of the foods that I love that make inflammation worse.

The final 4.5 mile climb came and I was DONE. A mixture of dehydration and what I can only guess is what people call ‘blown quads.’ Every single time I tried to drive my knee uphill I got dizzy, my heart rate spiked, and got extreme cramping in my booty and quads. I was forced to hike….then forced to walk because hiking made me feel like I was going to collapse.

Dan Metzger’s report from Quad Rock. Well come on, Dan, that’s what you get for “only” running 140 miles per week!

This gal just crushed the highest annual mileage ridden record, riding an average of 13 hours (and 235 miles) every single day. Good luck beating that anyone.

Speaking of incredible goals: No woman older than 60 has ever run sub 3 in the marathon. Joanie is looking to change that.

Skimo: Major differences in Colorado and Sierra Nevada routes.

Bulgarian Trail Porn: Guillaume takes on an adventure around the “Seven Lakes” in that beautiful country.  In order to get open trails with no crowds, he slept in his car at the trailhead and took off at 5am.  Nice!

Looking for a high quality hydration pack with pole storage? Ben reviews the (deep breath) Salomon Advanced Skin 5 Set Hydration Pack right this way.

I think it’s fair to say this is one very, very pissed off race director.

This Week in Science: Running is…good for your knees!

Late addition: JamJam’s newest Mountain Outhouse is right here.  Always good stuff.

Interviewing Chris Mocko this morning for what I’m sure will be a fun chat. Stay tuned.

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