Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, May 18

Ultramarathon and Trail News From Around the World

The Mount Washington Road Race is in 4 weeks. Here’s what conditions looked like this week.  Are you people insane? I think Sage has run it, Wardian has, Frank Bozanich has. Who else has run this race with “just one hill?”

Video from the Inidana Trail 100, complete with Amish buggies and more mud than you can handle.

Why are ski towns seeing a rise in suicides? Since many MUT communities share space with ski towns, is it a problem with our sport too?

“I try to fix what I have because I’m a cheap-ass, not because I’m green,” she says. “Spend less on gear, more on beer.”

–The coolest gear repair shop in the US.  Wish there were one in Northern California!

Looking for a super tough, extremely technical course in BC in late July?  Gary Robbins is the RD of Buckin Hell 50k and describes it as burly and not for beginners…and if Gary calls it burly, it’s gotta be nuts.

The new Salomon video about life in the mountains is worth 12 minutes of your time.

Ah, the new trend: Forest bathing.  We call it “trail running” but whatever.

The rise of the beer snob.  Yes, I’m picky and opinionated about beer. Yes, I insist on proper glassware if I’m drinking a nice brew. But hey, my beer of choice is usually Bud Lite Lime or original Coors.  Am I a snob?

What do DNA/genetic tests actually show?  Follow the spit from the mouth to the results.

From the I-can’t-believe-this-isn’t-California file:  Heli yoga.

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