Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, May 19

Run Repeat: The State of Ultramarathon Running in 2020. All the charts, graphs, and data you can handle.

Colorado is back to racing! Here’s your Quad Rock recap.

Women in Sport: Getty Images curates and highlights a collection of active menopausal women. Cool project. h/t Katie Holmes on Twitter.

SCMP: Covid-19 restrictions ease, others sports return, and yet trail races are still off – why?

Seen in this light, Nike’s defense of Salazar is also a defense of its entire brand philosophy. It’s a public relations battle that goes beyond trying to salvage the reputation of a benighted coach and longtime employee. Why is Nike so invested? Because, at this point, the company cannot condemn Salazar without condemning itself.

Outside/Huber: Why is Nike still backing AlSal?

500 year old gear shop in London to close (move?) its doors.

iRunFar/Little: Sabrina Little writes about the differences between irresolution and intransigence in life and in our sport. As always, a compelling read about a topic I never considered until now.

Watching this girl run backwards on a treadmill is strangely fascinating.

Ha ha: Apparently it’s impossible to delete Strava. Haven’t tried, but I’m not using it much anymore. Not tracking most of my runs and only using it for SUP for simple metrics.

Does anyone want Andrew Skurka’s cat?

Hoping to get a new podcast out today. Stay tuned.

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