Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, May 20

Reality check: Ultrarunning is still not mainstream.

Really great notes from a first trail half marathon.

Important: Geoff Roes writes about top-level ultramarathoner burnout, down time, and how long runners can keep performing at such a high level.

The 7 Sisters Trail Race in New England sounds tough! 3700′ of climbing in 12 very technical miles. Ouch! If you’re interested in running, here are some tips.

Weird running habits. I’m not sure I have any, other than the basic “shoes need to be tied, and I need to be wearing shorts” type of thing.  Do you have any?

Your lesson for today: Don’t train, don’t know the course, and have your watch stop half way. Expected results: Course record.

Site News: Short news day, typical for Wednesdays. 🙁  Expect a new podcast soon! Sorry for the delay, but life around the URP Global Headquarters (my den) has been crazy.  Thanks for sticking with me.

Awesome: How a fifty miler is like your first year of marriage.

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